The best ways to improve the appearance of your smile on a budget

Many adults would like to improve the appearance of their teeth, but find the cost of aesthetic dental treatments too high to even contemplate. Loock Dental are here to point out some more budget-friendly (and less time-consuming) ways to flash your best smile! 

1. Have your teeth professionally cleaned

No matter how good you are about flossing and brushing, inevitably some build up of tartar and stains will happen over time, and what really helps your smile’s appearance (and health) is a twice-yearly visit to the oral hygienist for a really thorough clean and polish. As an added bonus, your teeth feel absolutely fabulous afterwards, so it’s like a spa treatment for your teeth!

2. Have your teeth professionally whitened

Over-the-counter and home-remedy tooth whiteners are not as deeply penetrating or effective as professional whitening treatments and can even damage your tooth enamel. Loock Dental can arrange a professional whitening treatment that will quickly and safely improve your smile’s appearance.

3.  Fix broken or chipped teeth

Life happens, and sometimes a tooth gets chipped or broken in an accident or because of a problem like tooth grinding in your sleep. Leaving these chipped teeth untreated can really affect the appearance of your smile, and you run the risk of worse problems down the line if the compromised tooth is more vulnerable to cavities forming. 

Your dentist can often fix small chips and breaks quite simply, in a single appointment (for one broken tooth) with a filling that matches your tooth perfectly in colour. Once patched up and polished, the repaired tooth is indistinguishable from your old unbroken tooth, and you’ll look and feel as good as new! If well cared for, these fillings last for many years and the cost is really very reasonable.

More badly damaged teeth might require the fitting of a crown, and the good news is that this is easier than ever with Loock Dental’s CEREC machine, as a perfectly matching tooth can be designed by our computer in our rooms while you wait, cutting the time and cost of additional appointments at a prosthetic dentist that this used to require. 

4. Fill in the gaps

If a tooth has had to be pulled out, then a bridge is less expensive than an implant, and can also be used as a filler if you do wish to have an implant at a later stage. Once again, Loock Dental’s CEREC machine can make this a much quicker and simpler procedure, as the bridge can be made in the practice. 

Your smile will not only look better without a gap in it, the bridge will also act as a place holder for the missing tooth and prevent your other teeth from moving around and becoming crooked. 

We hope this post gives you the confidence to ask your dentist about treatments available to help improve your smile’s appearance within your personal budget. Let us know in the comments if you have any other questions about what Loock Dental has to offer!

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