Drumroll please! We’ve acquired a CEREC Machine!

Loock Dental are excited to announce that we now have a CEREC machine and can offer digitally engineered crowns and bridges made to perfectly match your teeth, while you wait! This cutting edge modern dentistry option is sure to have our patients smiling.

What is a CEREC machine?

CEREC machines are digital design and milling tools which carve crowns and bridges out of high quality ceramic to exactly match a tooth that is being replaced.

It is a bit like a 3D printer, only instead of printing a tooth, they sculpt and polish one out of a little block of strong dentistry porcelain. ‘CEREC’ stands for ‘Ceramic Reconstruction’.

You can watch a quick video of the process here, as it’s quite amazing to see this technology in action!

What are the advantages of CEREC crowns and bridges?

A CEREC machine uses digital imaging to get an accurate impression of your teeth. This means there is no need to go through the more laborious traditional process of taking a mould of your teeth and seeing this off to a lab where a crown is made.

A big advantage of a CEREC machine is that it makes the crown quickly and accurately, without the usual two week wait for your permanent crown. This also reduces the number of appointments you need to book.

You can get your crown the same day or just after you have had a root canal or implants put in. If you have cracked a tooth and you are in a hurry to get your smile looking great again, this is a particularly big attraction! The accuracy of the 3D imaging and carving process also means that these ceramic teeth look extremely natural.

An additional advantage is that you don’t need to wear an uncomfortable temporary crown or bridge, and follow a special diet to prevent damaging this, while you wait for your permanent crown to be made.

Are there disadvantages to CEREC crowns?

As with all procedures, you need to discuss with your dentist whether or not a CEREC crown or bridge is suitable for your particular needs. A lot depends on where the tooth is positioned and the nature of the damage to the tooth.

In some situations, such as where a tooth needs a crown after a serious root canal treatment, or where the damage is below the gum line, a crown made of different materials might be more appropriate.

Your friendly dentist at Loock Dental will guide you in making the best possible decision for your personal dentistry needs.

Loock Dental has a new CEREC Machine
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